Open Grant Applications

Round 19:

Manley Bohlayer Farmhouse - Project to implement recommendations of a historic structures review to complete exterior repainting of the historic c. 1870 house and barn serving as key anchor resources for a major heritage site hosting large heritage festivals.

Clifford Township Historical Society Museum - Complete facility enhancements and interpretive display and exhibit areas to advance the visitor areas created by the historical society under a long term lease with the local government inside the township building.

Bradford County Museum - Facility enhancements to the Bradford County Museum which is located within the historic 1873 building which housed the Bradford County Jail.

Dennis Farm - A special purpose study for a comprehensive historical narrative of the 1793 African-American settlement, as well as tasks supporting a cultural landscape assessment, conceptual site plan and a framework for interpretive and educational programs.

Clifford Children's Garden - Implementation project to allow the Clifford Township Historical Society to purchase a six foot high wire fence around the entire Children's Garden, construct a children's barn, house, outhouse, long house and a teepee for a Native American Village.

Clifford Sport's Complex - Trail site furnishings will be purchased to improve existing paths within the complex. Benches, tables, recyclable containers, waste baskets, lights, bike racks, and more to provide personal comfort, safety and to promote Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful.

Starrucca Viaduct - Implementation project to allow the Rail Trail Council of NEPA to research historical information related to the Starrucca Viaduct, locate pictures, write a narrative and produce a 36" x 48" digitally imaged fiberglass embedded wayside exhibit.

Round 20:

Home Textile Tool Museum Grange Building - Roof and foundation repairs will be made to the barn to optimize space for exhibits and workshops and to construct a 20'x28' addition for visible storage of it's growing collection of local and regional spinning wheels and looms.

Sayre Historical Society Museum - The final phase of the historic preservation and restoration of the Sayre Historical Society Museum that is housed in the 1881 former Lehigh Valley Railroad Passenger Station. The renovation includes improvements to the north stairwell and one of the storage rooms.

Marquee Enhancement - The Wyoming County Cultural Center replaced the neon lighting and its wiring surrounding the Dietrich Theater Marquee and replaced it with red LED lighting, power supplies and wiring. The LED lighting is ideal for operating in extreme temperatures, is energy efficient, ecologically friendly and durable.

Howland Preserve - Renovation of farmhouse at the Howland Preserve which was constructed in the early seventeenth century and is a historic icon on the Vosburg Neck. Renovations to the farmhouse will make in livable year round and available for community meetings and educational programming.

Round 21:

Yarn's Cider Mill - Finish interior of museum portion of mill-framing and picture enlargement. Exterior improvements include drainage ditches, final grading and seeding of cider mill area, relaying 150 year old field stone wall that held the water wheel, adding sitting walls of field stone, picnic benches, signage and walking trail at sites.

Eagles Mere Museum - This project will bring hands-on technology into the museum and to help bridge the educational learning styles to visitors of all ages as well as those with special needs. The Eagles Mere Museum will be using EMHR grant monies to purchase several tablets to be used at different displays throughout the museum.

Laceyville's Oldest House Renovations - The Oldest House Committee will be using the recommendations from the feasibility study done in a previous grant round to complete the structural rehabilitation of Laceyville's Oldest House. The side wall, facing Route 6, will be restructure so that the building can remain a safe place for community events.

Nicholson Heritage Association Signage - A historic DL&W Railroad Station interpretive sign will be installed at the Tunkhannock Creek Viaduct which will attract tourists to the rehabilitated 1849 station. The sign will include history of the DW&L Station as well as information about the viaduct and the surrounding area.

Rekindle the Spirit Display Shed - Display shed installation to serve as storage for many artifacts and ephemera. These pieces are currently stored randomly around the farm and are moved regularly. Neither constant moving nor exposure to the weather is beneficial to their preservation.

Susquehanna County Historical Society Museum - The historical society in Montrose will be purchasing historic district signs to place around each entrance road to Montrose.

Wyoming County Cultural Center

"Discover Our Endless Mountains" Heritage Series will feature various aspects of the history of the Endless Mountains Region. It will include lectures, bus trips, concerts and other events planned by a committee of representatives.

Round 22:

Historic Signs in Sullivan County
The Sullivan County Historical Society will erect two signs which will help visitors to learn of the history of the subject area. The signs will include reproduced photos of the circa for the area history.

Keystone Theater Roof Gutter System Repairs
The theater will be addressing the issues of the 129-year old building. Issues include the formation of ice along the wall and handicapped entrance along Washington Street in the winter. The issue created a safety hazard for those using the sidewalks and side entrance of the theater.

Endless Mountains Rural Places, Rural Lives
Creation of the second edition of the acclaimed Endless Mountains Rural Places, Rural Live exhibit. The exhibit will bring together photographic, artistic and written reflections by local residents focused on the place they live.

Sayre Museum Exterior Door Replacement
Replacement of six exterior doors in the Sayre Historical Society Museum. Five doors will be fitted with nine 8 x 12 thermal glass window panes and will be weather stripped. One door will be an oversized door to replicate the door that was in the former baggage room at the north end of the museum.

Orwell Grange Building Renovation

The Home Textile Tool Museum will be renovating the Orwell Grange Building which was acquired on August 27, 2015. The 30' x 70' two-story building will be used for workshops, special programs, exhibits and storage.

Two Museum Exhibits Spaces at the Local History Museum & One Exhibit Space to the Historic Speeding Hotel.

The first exhibit in the Local History Museum would highlight the local involvement in the Civil War, including a saddle, sword, flag, information on local hero Owen Phillips, and many letters, etc. all displayed in distinctive oak and glass display cases. The second exhibit area will be a 20' x 20' area where they plan to install a twelve hinged wood panels with plexiglass covering to hold photos, stories and other written materials that tell the history of Clifford area. The exhibit in the Speeding Hotel will be a 20' x 16' area to display the plethora of photos and artifacts from the hotel that was built in 1877.

Ground Penetrating Radar/Sonar Underground Property Examination
The Riverside Cemetery Association's mission is simultaneously to continue to preserve the dignity of the more than 2,000 persons buried therein by illuminating their histories while developing its use as a public park to further enrich Towanda's living residents and visitors.

Explore Wyoming County's Trails & Parks - The Wyoming County Cultural Center, Inc. is proposing to do a parks and trails project which would allow participants to explore the beautiful parks and trails of the county through a series of scheduled hikes/explorations with trail/park expert guides.

Saving, Repairing, & Moving a Historic Casino Structure - Eagles Mere Historic Village, Inc. plans to disassemble and repair the windows and other structural members of the building in preparation for moving and reassembling of a historic building which is thought to be one of a kind remaining in Pennsylvania.

Clifford Township Bridge Project - Project to fabricate and install a pedestrian bridge that will connect the trails in the adjacent 5 acre property to the Yarns Cider Mill.

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